– Solid and Stabel

– Long lasting

– Amazingly precise

– Comfortable to use

– Normal Size: 320 x 270 x 2.5 mm

– XL Size: 400 x 350 x 2.5 mm

  • Normal


The SkyPAD Steel mousepad is for an old gamer, something that they will never forget. The pad itself is made of aluminium, which makes it very slim, but still very secure.

SkyPAD Steel has a Teflon-alike top, which makes it super slippery. The mousepad is therefore good for gamers, that uses fast movements with low resistance. The edges around the mousepad are sanded down to an aluminium finish, which gives it a nice shine on the edge all the way around. The bottom of the mousepad has a non-slip rubber coding, makes the mousepad stay in the spot doing the battle.



Long lasting

Solid and Stabel

Super fast