A mousepad of glass has several positive sites, and 2 downsides!

Positive sides:
Because of a burned pattern into the glass, this mousepad is more precise, than a normal soft pad. Because of no fibers on it, it’s also faster! Because of (well, it’s glass) is insanely easy to clean, if you should drop any fluent on it, that would ruin the mostly of soft pads.
Even if you don’t take a lot of care of this pad, it will have no worn downs, you can use it forever, and with some glass-cleaning, you can make it look like new, whenever you want!

There are 2 downsides, it makes a little bit more noise using, than a soft pad – using headphones while gaming or other, and you won’t hear it, it’s not that loud after all.
Second is that glass pads are a bit hard for your mouse feet, they will we worn out slowly after some time. BUT it’s no problem, you can always changeout the feet’s, by some universal Teflon tape and place on the feet’s, or a total change of the feet’s, like the PFTE feet’s we are selling on our sites. If you place new feet’s on your mouse, it will be the best mouse+pad experience you can get!

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