We have shipped out a lot of XL pads from Kickstarter orders, mostly pads arrived to customers, but there have been a few problems for some customers, so let’s go through them.
My pad never looks like it’s not moving, the scan is the same:
Because of shipping like 1000+ pads at one time, PostNord in Denmark shipped out like 75% of the pads without giving them a scan in the airport before leaving Denmark. This make it looks like it never has been shipped, but I can secure you that all orders have left Denmark. This will make 2 situations, 1: The pad will suddenly arrive without ever getting a scan. 2: IF it has been lost we can’t see it, because of the need of scans. In April we have XL back on stock, and we will look into those customers who didn’t get their pad, and we will have to reship new ones, after checking up on this. In the end all will receive their pads, but there is some shipping time in front of us, and these times are causing us many problems, but we will do our best to get the pad to you!
My pad arrived but was broken:
Take a photo of this, send to contact@skypad-gaming.com and we will have to reship a new model to you when stock is ready!

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