SkyPAD + Teflon = Magic!

PTFE Teflon

Remember to buy your teflon aswell for added speed!

PTFE Teflon


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Glass 2.0 XL – Custom Design



  • Made with direct print on a SwissQ Nyala 3 – LED Printer
  • Top of the line with the newest technology
  • UV Resistant
  • Handmade in Denmark

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What are mouse feet?

Mouse feet or mouse skates are responsible for keeping your mouse gliding smoothly on a mouse pad. They’re found on the bottom of the mouse and keep the mouse bottom elevated off of the pad to minimize friction while still keeping it close enough for the sens.

What are mouse feet made of and why change feets?

Most mouse feet are made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) also known as Teflon, it’s a synthetic polymer known for having a very low coefficient of friction. The PTFE is usually adhered to a piece of double sided tape to stick to the bottom of the mouse. There are some mice that don’t use PTFE for mouse feet, you want to avoid the mouse feet, the more consistent and smooth a glide, the better it’ll be for your gameplay.or to track properly. If youre having a older mouse, the feets can be weared down, that gives you a bad glide – new pfte feets, will make your mouse feels like new again. -The PTFE feets on SkyPADs are pure magic!


If your stock feet are loose enough, use a knife or a thin edge to pry them off the mouse. If they are tightly stuck, use a hairdryer to heat the feet, as this will also heat the glue underneath and loosen it enough to remove. Try to keep the adhesive attached to the feet when removing, as to make the job easier later on. After all the feet have been removed (don’t forget the foot around the sensor, if there is one), use an alcohol swap or a tissue dabbed in zippo fluid to carefully remove all traces of adhesive on the mouse. Make sure the foot socket is completely clean and dry. Peel the mouse feet from the packaging, taking care to bend them as little as possible. Apply the mouse feet slowly, and make sure it lines up with the mouse socket. Sometimes, especially on Hotline Games feet, there is a thin, invisible plastic film to protect the surface of the mouse foot. Look for this, and remove it if you find it as they will impede the glide.

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