We have shipped out a lot of XL pads from Kickstarter orders, mostly pads arrived to customers, but there have been a few problems for some customers, so let’s go through them.
My pad never looks like it’s not moving, the scan is the same:
Because of shipping like 1000+ pads at one time, PostNord in Denmark shipped out like 75% of the pads without giving them a scan in the airport before leaving Denmark. This make it looks like it never has been shipped, but I can secure you that all orders have left Denmark. This will make 2 situations, 1: The pad will suddenly arrive without ever getting a scan. 2: IF it has been lost we can’t see it, because of the need of scans. In April we have XL back on stock, and we will look into those customers who didn’t get their pad, and we will have to reship new ones, after checking up on this. In the end all will receive their pads, but there is some shipping time in front of us, and these times are causing us many problems, but we will do our best to get the pad to you!
My pad arrived but was broken:
Take a photo of this, send to contact@skypad-gaming.com and we will have to reship a new model to you when stock is ready!

A mousepad of glass has several positive sites, and 2 downsides!

Positive sides:
Because of a burned pattern into the glass, this mousepad is more precise, than a normal soft pad. Because of no fibers on it, it’s also faster! Because of (well, it’s glass) is insanely easy to clean, if you should drop any fluent on it, that would ruin the mostly of soft pads.
Even if you don’t take a lot of care of this pad, it will have no worn downs, you can use it forever, and with some glass-cleaning, you can make it look like new, whenever you want!

There are 2 downsides, it makes a little bit more noise using, than a soft pad – using headphones while gaming or other, and you won’t hear it, it’s not that loud after all.
Second is that glass pads are a bit hard for your mouse feet, they will we worn out slowly after some time. BUT it’s no problem, you can always changeout the feet’s, by some universal Teflon tape and place on the feet’s, or a total change of the feet’s, like the PFTE feet’s we are selling on our sites. If you place new feet’s on your mouse, it will be the best mouse+pad experience you can get!

A SkyPAD is a piece of glass, just like your window! So, the best way to keep it clean, is by using glass-spray

Its already produced, but in the COVID19 times, shipping to our stockhouse is hell, so we are expecting around 1 April, we can start to ship out XL preorders!

Yes and no, our Glass pads will be available on Amazon, but PTFE Teflon and SkyPAD Sleeves wont. Also, our custom pads (When they are ready) won’t be available on Amazon

So far, its Amazon in EU and US, we are working on Japan also.

Damn, but this happens with glass sometimes. Take a picture of the broken glass and se to contact@skypad-gaming.com and we will reship a new one to you, that is the best we can do!

Custompads will (as we did on Kickstarter) allow you to upload your own design, we will print this on a XL sized SkyPAD, be aware that our “SKYPAD” text logo, is in the corner, the rest space is yours!
Yes, we will open up for Custompads, hopefully around summertime.
When ordering a Custompad, you’ll have to accept that is has no sexual/copyright designs on it. We look into all designs personally, and if there are any violating, we will refuse the order. The quality depends on how good graphic you can provide us – so make sure your picture is looking pretty damn good, we won’t ask any questions into it, if it doesn’t violate anything, we print – we expect that the picture you send, are the quality you wish for!

As mentioned as one of the downsides, glass is hard for your mousefeets. Using Teflon on the mouse will make your mouse fly like nothing else, and when it feels slow or dead, you can change feet’s again. Like this, you will decide whenever you want your mouse and pad to feel like brand new, without having to buy a new mousepad ever again, like you used to with softpads!

The sleeve is for the one, that think the pad sticks to your skin, or feels cold. It will simply just give you a more gliding experience, and that means the world for us using our products!

This question is the hardest one on the FAQ site. We are located in Europe, so orders to Europe should be around 1-2 weeks. All outside EU, and especially because of covid19, is more often around 4-5-6 weeks. This is long time, so if the products you want, is available on any Amazon site in your country, we would recommend that any time!

You should for sure get this after placing an order, if any problems, hit me with your name/order number to contact@skypad-gaming.com

If not placing an order on a product that is on stock, you should receive Track/trace mail 1-2 working days after placing your order, we ship the same day you place the order – but the shipping companies often don’t mail out any codes, before it has moved a bit!
if any problems, hit me with your name/order number to contact@skypad-gaming.com

PostNord is the shipping method we have in Denmark, after leaving Denmark it will be handed over to your countries local shipping company. (For an example USPS in US)
The reason that we use PostNord is that the product is being shipped like “letters”. You can do that by having the weight under 2kg. If we didn’t have this possibility, and only could send like a package, the shipping cost would be around 5-6 times more. We are aware that some customers would pay that, but mostly wont, and that would ruin the whole business for us, since we couldn’t ship outside EU then.
THE WAY WE FIX THIS, is by stocking up on Amazon in the future. Then outside EU can order directly from here instead.

No, you can’t, this is our “accessory” products and will only be available on own shop, since there is some work to be done from our site on these products, we can’t handle this over to Amazon. So, if you are from outside EU, and want some of these products, it will demand more shipping time – but we hope you will agree on that it’s worth it!

No, the glass is burned with a lace pattern, that burns thousands of holes into the glass, so every time you’re moving your mouse over the pad, the eye on the mouse has a better chance to follow your movement around, than it would on a softpad. This make it the most precisely thing to game with, ever made!

If I should choose between these to, it’s a speedpad, BUT not only. The holes burned into the glass also gives you control, so you will get some from both worlds. 80% Speed, 20% Control!

The pads are being painted on the backside, between the glass and the feet’s! Between the paint and the glass, the logo is! This means you can’t feel the logo or the paint from the top surface, where your mouse is moving, but you can see it through the glass! That’s why it can look like a new model your entire lifetime, because you can’t come down to the painting!

Well, it’s your pad, but we don’t recommend it! Its scratchy and it will worn down the pad, so please use PFTE Teflon instead!

This is very rare that we get any returns, actually the return rate is under 1%, so this show that there is a big chance for customers to like it, though it’s a difference mousepad!
If you did order it on Amazon, you will follow their return politics – if you bought it on our site, you return it back to us in Denmark. Give me a mail on contact@skypad-gaming.com – and it’s important that its fully intact and in its box!

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