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Glass Mousepad

The 3.0 XL glass mousepad by Skypad is an innovative mouse mat designed to offer high-precision gaming experiences to gamers seeking reliable precision in aim. 

The best mousepad for gaming

The best mouse pad for gaming must be fast, precise, stable, easy to clean and durable. The glass 3.0 XL mousepad from Skypad is all that and more, offering agile play, precise movements, and impeccable gliding properties.

While hard gaming pads can wear quickly and cloth pads can restrict movement, this glass coated mouse pad will take your gaming to new levels.

Skypad 3.0 XL features

The Skypad 3.0 XL comes in two colours, white and black, and is slightly bigger than the previous model measuring 40 cm in height and 50 cm in width (16" x 20").

This gaming mousepad uses less of a burn pattern too, which means the 3.0 XL offers 50% more speed than the former fastest pad in the world. The 3.0 XL is also lower than its predecessor, coming in at an impressive 3.22 mm thickness (with 0.5 mm non-slip rubber feet). Being so thin, this gaming mousepad can be better packed and shipped safely anywhere in the world.

For the perfect glide on your Skypad 3.0 XL, ensure your mouse has Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) feet and additionally consider the Skypad polyester/spandex arm sleeve.

Why use a glass mousepad for gaming?

Previously, gaming mousepads fit into one of three categories: cloth, hard, or hybrid. Cloth gamepads provided a soft finish, hard mousepads promoted easy gliding, and the humble hybrid tried to combine the best of both worlds. Today, hybrid mousepads are being quickly pushed aside in favour of glass gaming pads.

Glass mousepads aren't a revolutionary movement (in fact, they've been on the market for a little while now amongst Scandinavian gamers), but the Skypad 3.0 XL tempered glass mousepad does take gaming to a different level.

The mousepad's particular lace pattern, burned into the glass, lets you effortlessly glide the mouse across the surface, quickly flicking onto your targeted area with zero lag. The glass surface isn't just easy to navigate; it's also super easy to clean using a simple glass cleaner. Whatsmore, the Skypad 3.0 XL is far more durable than a cloth pad or a hard gaming pad.

This gaming pad won't need replacing after excessive usage and will accompany most users through a lifetime of gaming.