About us

The Sky is The Limit !

SkyPAD Gaming strives to make products of the highest quality. The products are aimed for office and gaming use. We are constantly evolving and constantly having new ideas, for and about products that make sitting in front of the computer more fun, comfortably, and with style. We aim to get around the world with our products and we are just getting started!

About SkyPAD Glass 2.0

The SkyPAD glass mousepad is an old invention, that’s well-known in the Scandinavian gaming, all though it has been known under a different name, understandably it was a big success because mousepads of glass are very precise. It can be used for everything, between everyday gaming and pro-gaming.

The glass of the SkyPAD glass mousepad is made with a lace pattern, that is burnt into the glass itself, and can therefore not be worn out of the glass, not even with heavy use. This also means that the cleaning of the mousepad will be easier. Use the households preferred glass cleaner, run a cloth over it and the mousepad will be like new.

The rubber feet on the SkyPAD mousepad gives it a strong and nonslip grip to the table, making sure that the mousepad stays in place, even under fast movements, that might take place under heavy gaming.

The SkyPAD mousepad is 350 x 300 mm, and nearly impossible to scratch and completely solid. The super beautiful surface is impossible to wear out – This mousepad is for life.

– A Legend is reborn

About SkyPAD Steel

The SkyPAD Steel mousepad is for an old gamer, something that they will never forget. The pad itself is made of aluminum, which makes it very slim, but still very secure.

SkyPAD Steel has a Teflon-alike top, which makes it super slippery. The mousepad is therefore good for gamers, that use fast movements with low resistance. The edges around the mousepad are sanded down to an aluminum finish, which gives it a nice shine on the edge all the way around. The bottom of the mousepad has a non-slip rubber coding, makes the mousepad stay in the spot doing the battle.

The SkyPAD Steel has 2 sizes, the regular at 320 x 270 mm. And the XL at 400 x 350 mm.

– Clean surface, more wins!

About SkyPAD Soft XXL

The SkyPAD soft XXL mousepad is made with a vision of making a mousepad for gamers, that uses the mouse with low speed (In most cases CS:GO players) and in the meantime keeping the residents low, when the fast and big movement do occur.

The SkyPAD logo is printed so deep inside of the mousepad, that the surface is the same everywhere. The mousepad is the biggest that SkyPAD offers and is 450 x 400 x 3mm.

– Go win, big time!