The Last Mousepad You'll Ever Buy

With a burned pattern into the glass, this mousepad is more precise than a normal soft pad.


Key Features

High Precision

The specially treated glass surface is optimized for games that require high time to kill. Flick to your enemies effortlessly and track them with ease. 

Long Lasting!

The texture of the glass does not wear out, even after a life time of use. If your SkyPAD gets dirty, just spray some cleaning liquids and wipe it off, simple as that. 

Large & Solid Surface

A large size of 400mm x 500mm, with a thickness of only 3.7mm. Never run out of mouse pad space, while staying extremely comfortable also is extremely solid.


The smooth surface allows the mouse to glide with virtually no resistance. Take charge of your mouse control, your mouse will move the way you want it to. 

SkyPAD Mousepad Glass 3.0 — XL

  • Size

    The large size of the mousepad means that you will never run out of space.

  • Surface

    Durable and smooth surface. Easy to clean. Silent compared to the 2.0.

  • Height

    3mm compared to 6mm from the 2.0. In addition to rounded edges, makes this one of the most comfortable hardpads on the planet.

Mousepad 3.0 XL

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Mousepad 3.0 XL

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Mousepad 3.0 XL

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Mousepad 3.0 XL

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What the gamers are saying



God tier client services. God tier Smooth MousePad. God tier Glass MousePad. The SkyPAD 3.0 is my first glass mousepad and im addicted to it since the first hour i use it. This is so smooth and i highly recommended it to people want a new aim experience.


This mousepad is far beyond what i expected. Very fast & smooth. The only downside is that if there is any dust, hair, etc your mouse will feel scratchy which will throw off your aim. To combat this; ive been wiping down the mousepad once or twice a day.


It is worth the price as the mousepad will last forever nomatter how you use it. Greatly recommended mousepad for anyone. The glide is smooth and effortless. My aim improved over the time immensely after using this pad.


I bought the SkyPAD 3.0 and holy moly what a great purchase it was! Thank so much guys at SkyPAD, the skypad came very well packaged and in a gorgeous looking box. It didn't take me long to get used to the SkyPAD, laser accurate and allows for lightning fast flicks on fps games. A must buy.


I got my SkyPAD 5 days ago and ever since ive broken my aim training sources and my aim in game has become more consistent and better

Didnt get a tracking code?

Why should I buy a glass mousepad?

Is the SkyPAD a speed or control pad?

I wanna return the SkyPAD!